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Mile 1404 ALASKA Highway

Over 100 pictures and letters from modern day Buffalo hunters on display. Alaskan gifts, furs, and life-sized wildlife along with hundreds of photos of Alaskan hunting and fishing trips. A place to stop and experience Alaska as lived by Alaskans. Learn about the glaciers, Mountain ranges, many places to visit in order to see wildlife and to catch fish. Let our years of experience assist you in making brief visit an enjoyable and a memorable one. In line with our Alaskan hospitality, we offer free coffee to sip while browsing around or you can purchase your favorite snack.
We also offer the CHEAPEST GAS price on the Alaska Highway.

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Pike fishing



Pike Fishing

Silver Fox



Bear hunt

Buffalo hunt


Bear Hunt

Buffalo Hunt


Moose hunt

Deer hunt

Goat hunt

Moose Hunt

Deer Hunt

Goat Hunt


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